Content Marketing FAQ


Why is content marketing necessary?

To start with, having quality content on the website is a good thing as Google also emphasizes on websites that provide relevant and good content to the visitors. It discard websites with low or little content. Having a blog with valuable and unique content becomes important for good search engine ranking. Content gives the opportunity to use keywords to target the audience to land on the page. Content can also help in social media campaign when people share the content and tag the websites for referring the content.

Is it possible to create the blog on a free platform?

Yes, it is possible but one should know the limitations. The content could be lost if one inadvertently break the terms of getting associated with the free platforms. One cannot enhance the functionality of the blog on the free platforms. Also, there are chances that one might lost out on the search value that is gained with the links on the content when one shifts from a free platform to own domain.

Can one just use the Facebook or Google + for blogging?

Going with the social platforms again has a risk of losing out on content if the terms and services are not met with lesser control on the content when it goes social. Another thing is if people will find best content on the social network they would not necessarily go to the website that increases conversions and one can lose the direct traffic.

Where should the focus of content generation be?

The answer for this is both the website and elsewhere. Starting from the content generation on the website one should branch it out to other platforms by guest blogging, publishing, creating videos, presentations and other offsite content marketing. In this way one can give new to the audience and drive more traffic.

What kind of contents to go with?

Different industries need different kind of content and the quick way to do it is through researching about the competitors and finding out if they have:<ul>

<li>Social engagement through blogs</li>

<li>Video content with lots of views, likes and comments</li>

<li>Infographic, Podcasts and presentations.</li></ul>

With this one can discover what kind of contents are working for the particular industry.

What if the industry in not so happening to blog about every day?

In this case think of the content that surrounds your industry and think about the people who can get interested in reading the topic. Also, to increase the engagement one can call up the customers to share the inputs

Whom to approach for content creation?

Once can get it done both in-house or outsource depending on the size of the company and available resources. While outsourcing one can get the content ghostwritten or give the credits depending on the goals and writers.

What are the ways to promote the content?

Marketing of the content in the right way is necessary as people would not come to the content automatically. Some of the ways which can help effectively are:


<li>Sharing the content on the main social networks that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.</li>

<li>Use of mailing database and subscribers for circulating the content.</li>

<li>Using the blog to share offsite content.</li>

Is there a necessity to keep creating new content?

Yes there is a necessity but one can do it by repurposing the content in multiple ways. Using the blog posts to make an eBook that can be circulated and the audio of the video can be turned into podcasts. Similarly, the steps in the video can be given as presentations.

How to study the effect of content till the bottom line?

Setting up Google Analytics goals on the website can help to find out which content pieces are driving more traffic and much more. One can check both the offsite and on page engagement easily with goal completions.