Does social media optimization help in expanding online business and driving traffic?

Advertising on the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter can give access to millions of people at once as the sites see maximum visits each day. If the business exists on these sites there are chances to get good recall and prospective customers. It can definitely bring a lot of traffic and increase the conversion rates.

Would one still need SMO if they are already getting SEO done?

SMO is something that follows SEO automatically. After marketing the websites with search engines going ahead with SMO can improve the brand image on social media platform while handling a lot of traffic.

Does SMO effects the site rankings?

As SMO brings quality links to the site is beneficial for the site in a positive way. Search engines supports the ranking brought by SMO as it is organic and natural.

Is it alright to post the same content across all the social media sites each day?

To know what type of content is working, one should keep an eye on the responses that come in the form of retweets, comments, likes and clicks. People connect with different reasons on different platforms so, it is important to see what content is going on what platform.

Does having a lot of followers help in gaining customers?

It definitely establishes the website as a credible and renowned one with positioning in a better way. Having quality and relevant audience according to the business can give quality leads. Having thousands of followers looks great but would not make much difference to the sales if it is not quality. One needs to spend ample amount of time and effort with quality content engagement that targets the right audience to get the desired customers.

Are the SMO packages offered by you comprehensive for large businesses too?

One can be sure to get the best with us as the SMO packages offered includes blogs set up and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. We also have customized services.