Website Design FAQ

How much time is required to create a website?

There are several factors that determine the time to recreate a fully functional website. Stating from the custom design work that takes 1-4 weeks it depends on the number of revisions and complexity of the design. It takes another 1-6 weeks for the development phase that includes the number of pages and the functions. They are the general guidelines.

What kind of technology is used?

The specialization includes XHTML, CSS and Flash but, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP and others can also be used.

Can one see the website while it is under development?

Oh yes! Monitoring of the website is possible through the username and password of the development server. One can give the feedbacks and once the site is complete the URL is submit to the search engines and goes live on the server.

How many changes can be done without any extra cost?

Two rounds of major revisions can be done after one has selected the general format and color scheme. Apart from this all minor revisions are provided at no charge.

Are there any other services that come with the design and development cost?

The website development includes basic SEO, configuration of email accounts and monthly review of the traffic. Basic SEO includes submission of the site to the search engine and setting up of primary met tag information.

Is a custom design much more valued than an attractive template?

If one has a limited time and budget they can go for template as an easy way. However, there is no guarantee that a template is not been used before and your competitors might as well be using the same. Some of the templates do not allow easy and quick modifications if needed. Also, some of the template might not fulfil the search engine guidelines.