Why Choose Us?

The First Question is why one Should Hire an Online Marketing Agency?

We have answered this question to several of our clients, now let us answer it here. There are several reason why we should have an agency working on our websites and other online platforms. We are very well aware that world is evolving every second, and every mini second we are innovating or inventing some or other thing, do we know what the key factor is, Internet, yes internet is the key factor. This is a fact we all know and this is why almost 3.17 billion people are on internet and still counting. Now any business needs clients to grow and to sustain, and when we know we can reach these many people through one platform, why would one not go online.

There are several ways of marketing and how internet marketing is effective and economical, we can understand looking at the statics mentioned below.

  • The most targeted and effective way of marketing is TV Commercial, no this is a Myth.
  • – Almost 86% of viewers skip channels when commercials come, I am sure you would have done it too.

  • Direct mail marketing is one of the efficient way to keep our clients intact. This too is a myth.
  • – 44% of direct mail is never opened or not even have been received by your users, how many do you receive and how many do you open.

  • Banner/hoardings can do wonders and bring the most effective customers. This is the biggest myth.
  • – In this busy world no has time to see Banners or Hoardings. Ask yourself how many hoardings we see and how many of them do we respond.

We are all aware of the fact that these marketing strategies are very costly.

When it comes to internet or digital marketing it is very cost effective and almost saves 65% of your budget when compared to these traditional marketing strategies.

Now why you should consider Vipra Business as your Digital Marketing Agency.

Strategy is what makes a business grow, and this is what we are best at. We don’t just start promoting your website, we give time to understand and learn your business, its needs and the goal, and once we have done this part of homework we start working on identifying your targeted audience, keywords, competitor analysis and technical glitches if any. Right after this a complete marketing strategy is prepared and a dedicated team is assigned to the project.

Mentioned Below are Few Facts that makes Vipra Different from Others.

  • We use advance tools and software’s to promote and track your online presence.
  • We have a team of 50+ experts to provide an end to end solution on any thread of digital marketing.
  • We are much Cost effective, compared to others where your ROI starts after a long period we here guarantee your ROI at the earliest. So no need to get a weight to your pocket for a long period.
  • Our reports are user friendly and surrounds what you need, measuring our performance turn out to be easy.
  • For us you are not just a sale or a client, your online presence is our reputation.