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Since the world has evolved digitally, the demand of having an e-store has increased drastically, users find it very convenient to just visit the web store and buy products and services at their convenience, and the business which gives more convenience is the only business that is going tosurvive in long run looking at this tough competitive market.

Types of Ecommerce

There are several kind of ecommerce business, it totally depends on the category where your business falls in, like if you are selling goods directly to customers who are the end users of the product it’s a B2B Market place and similarly there are several types of Ecommerce businesses that people are involved in, few are mentioned below.

B2C Marketplace Development

This is an ecommerce website development, where the products are for end users, and are directly sold from your end to your customers, this comprise a majority of share in the market.

B2B Marketplace Development

This is an ecommerce website development where you have clients who come from a business, and orders can be in bulk or even single, so functions like specific pricing for specific clients on a product, bulk pricing for products and functions like this is required by these kind of businesses, website development for wholesale business is what people call it.

Multivendor Website development

This is an ecommerce website which is where you give an opportunity to several businesses to list their products on an ecommerce website, and end users can buy products from different suppliers, this is like having an Amazon, Soug or Ebay like website development

Choose what your approach for ecommerce store is and plan the launch accordingly.



How to plan your ecommerce Store?

Right strategy is the only things that would help you get a better product, having an ecom store is common, however, having an exclusive ecommerce store with an amazing layout and great user experience would for sure have an impact on the market, and that’s what matters the most.

We have mentioned few points that one should consider while planning the ecommerce store.
  • Choosing the right product for the right marketThe world is full of products, and a majority of products are a huge success when sold online, however there are still few products which can be considered as less attractive when considered to be sold on an ecommerce website, so check the potential of your product before you plan to launch.
  • No. of Products Ecommerce is best when there are multiple products, it gives a value to the end user and a broader product range to choose from, organization with very less let’s say 1 or 2 products are advised to list their products on some multi-vendor ecommerce websites like Amazon or Ebay like sites as it would be very economical and once you feel you need a website to brand your product than you should opt for having an ecommerce website developed
  • Right Technology It is very important to decide on the technology in the beginning, as better the technology, better is the user experience. Technology plays a great role in setting up an ecommerce stores.
  • Product Plan Preparing a list of products on a sheet along with all the description and images is advised to keep handy; this will help in preparing the database according to the requirement.
  • Budget This needs to be planned in an effective manner, as the business of ecommerce is not a day job, so plan the investment on having the technology integrated and preparation of the ecommerce website development, Initial Marketing budget, promotion budget, branding budget, staffing budget and most important, updating your website based on the requirement of the market, which you will know only after launching the store.
  • Domain and Hosting Purchase the domain right at the time when you see the name available, as every micro second 2 domains are being purchased globally, so don’t wait, and hosting is essential as this is the place where you keep your website files and data of the electronic store.
  • Target date This is really important, once you have all the plan ready for everything, set a target to launch, this date should have decent gap, as it should be the date when you would only think of marketing and bringing all the customers to your store, keep it tight, a lot of companies give dates but do not deliver the same as per the plan which attracts loss, as marketing plans will go simultaneously on toss.


Some of the must have features that you should consider while making the feature list for your ecommerce.

There are several features that are considered to be by default that comes with an ecommerce requirement; however, you know your product best, let’s give your user a reason to revisit your store. We have made few must have features to give a boost to your e-store.

Shopping Carts

This is an essential feature which is a must to have, this should be easy to navigate and should be equipped to show real time no. of products added to cart, users should have an easy to check out option.

Search System

This is very essential, at times users prefer to search products rather than going through the entire catalog, and they filter the search based on the features of a product like brands, size, performance and so on, and they like to sort these results based on their preferences, all this gives an ease to the users of seeing the products as per their preference.

Wish List

This is a function which is really useful, users get an option to select the products and keep it in wish-list and select the products they like the most, this also helps in marketing, as you can send email marketing campaign based on their wish-list, and this increases the returning customers.

Review Section

This is very important feature, it helps the real time users to take decisions while making purchases, almost 67% of users rely on reviews as per a recent study, if you have developed a multi-vendor ecommerce website it becomes helps the users to decide on which supplier is reliable, this shows a trust mark for your eStore.

Special Offers

This is an eye catching for every user making purchases, and it’s a trend of having discounted prices when purchases made online, users like to view products which are on sale or have discounts, so its advised to have a separate and dedicated page also for all the discounted products, which of-course should be updated regularly.

High Resolution Images of Products

Its HD era, and products with clear images are more likely to be purchased compared to regular images, facility like Zooming, 3D, focus and other similar features make products livelier and attracted to users

Related Products

It’s always good to see add-on products being sold along with the products being purchased, users tend to buy products related to the product or extension to the product they are buying, like with a Laptop a Laptop Bag can be an add-on product.

FAQ Section

A lot of general questions are being asked by the users, which also helps the user to decide on any product, so a Quick Questionnaire and answer to them is always a good to have thing.

Payment Options

A lot of customers like to make payments in their comfortable mode, so having variety of options is good, like Credit Card payments, Debit card payments, Wire, PayPal, Cash on Delivery and so on.

Loyalty Programs

The biggest challenge in an ecommerce store is keeping your customer returning and fixed customers, loyalty programs helps a lot in this, every purchase gives a benefit to the user and gives a reason to shop more by giving a reward points for next purchases.

Shipping and Tracking Tools

Users like to know the exact status of their products transition, this also helps in getting the product delivered on time as users ensures the availability of the receivers. A Lot of shipping companies give their API to integrate in their website.


There are several process that being an organization you follow, and there are several benefits you give to your users, however, every benefit has a limitation and policy page helps the user to understand their rights and process, this makes your business a trust worthy store, and keeps you away from legal issues.

Blogs & News Room

This helps in driving traffic to your website and converting the traffic to buyers, keeping updated with recent products and services to your users, and helps in getting subscribers who would turn into possible buyers in near future.

Order Management

Getting orders and fulfilling them correctly is also a challenge, with the right flow of order management your store can become an automated machine, which gives you a whole report of what orders have been received, which products are most selling products, which returns are coming, and all other required flow.

User Group Rates

A lot of business have wholesale and retail customers, and they need different rates for users group, this is a good approach to have a user group rates, this will help you to retain bulk product buyer clients.

Customer Support

Users like to speak to human in case of any concern or even having a number gives them an assurance that they can reach someone to have addressed their issue if any, more over if they have any query for a product or are facing any issue while making any purchase they can contact customer support for assistance.

Multi Country eCom

A lot of eCommerce website operates in different countries, having a Multi Country ecom store helps in managing all the products from one backend, store manager can upload products from single window, can give permission of selling products in specific country, and at specific rates, with different domains if required.


Best Technology to choose for your ecommerce Store.

There is Several Technology languages which one can choose from; based on the requirement, budget and usage this can be decided. We have mentioned few of the technology used by some recognized organizations and have been a proven technology.



What Process we follow to help you with your Ecommerce Development.

Here at Vipra we have Stack Developers who are not only trained for developing the Applications, but also understands the business requirement, when a client approaches us we follow agile methodology to ensure the right development cycle is trailed and maximum revenue interest of the client is there.

We have dedicated Business Analyst Team who works on the product market research, we create a bench mark of the competitor’s and according to that a technical proposal is created, this technical proposal consist of the application flow chart as a wire-frame of your project, and complete technical document with the information on what will be there.

Once this is approved the financial proposal is submitted and customer interest agreements are signed.

Right after that the team is allocated with the project and UI/UX designers start working on creating a custom tailored design, and this is submitted for approval if there are no revisions, we start the actual development.

Clients get a weekly report, and as per the schedule delivery we deliver the project after getting it tested thoroughly from a Quality Tester.

Project is made live with the help of Server team and you are all set to update your products and content through a dynamic Admin Panel.

Vipra Also Offers Complete Digital Marketing Services for your online Store, we can plan it according to your needs and budget.

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