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Angular JS being one of the most emerged solutions now have taken over the no. 1 position in web application development, we have successfully gathered a team of Angular JS developers with an Avg. Experience of 4 to 5 years dedicated towards Angular JS; With this experience, knowledge and passion, we guarantee the best solution in the industry.

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Is your Web App looking for latest technology in the industry Angular JS is the right choice.
Angular JS

One of the best service from Google, extremely light and fast working on the client side development technology. We highly recommend our clients to use Angular JS for their web applications.

  • More than 500K Organizations has already moved there Application to Angular JS.
  • Over 70% of Successful startup companies has used Angular JS for their Innovative Ideas.
  • More than 10 Million Visitors are visiting on web applications built on Angular JS
  • Angular JS Has Saved More Than 1 Billion Hours of with the lightening speed.
  • A big percentage of most Economical and reliable Developers are Working with Indian IT Companies, and Vipra is one of them.
  • We have worked with Fortune 500 Companies and have given a proven solution to their needs.
  • We have achieved 100% Success on all our Angular JS Projects.

Offshore Development center with Angular JS developers working for you, with you.

Your Web Application deserves to be best in class, like a high performing team member in your organization, we here in Vipra Helps this web application team member to upgrade to give the best possible service.

Few of the prime solutions that we offer

How Vipra Can be of Help?

Hiring an Angular JS Developer is like looking for gems in stones, the developer needs to be focused and passionate together to be fruitful and worthy, at Vipra we guarantee the developers creditability and give you the exact thing that you have planned for. We have been known as time saver by our clients, you save time by hiring us, we save you time by getting the Application built in the time frame. Why clients have chosen us over others.

Hire Dedicated Angular JS Developers Today.

So here you need not to worry about what development is all about, leave the dirt to us, you focus on expansion of your business, rest we are crazy about IT, we will take care of that for you.

Industry where Angular JS has done great with our team as a key resource.

Web Application for Health Care

Web Application for Classified Portals.

Web Application for Travel Portals

Web Application for On Demand Service

Web Application for E learning

Web Application for ecommerce

Web Application for Hospitality

Web Application for Automotive

Web Application for News Portals

Angular JS has taken over the industry a lot of big player have moved there technology to Angular JS, some of the big names are mentioned here for your reference.

  • World Leader in Payment Gateway Industry “Paypal” uses Angular JS for their Front End.
  • World renowned Entertainment firm is on Angular JS “Netflix”
  • A Leading Web application for Design and Publishing is on Angular JS, “The Guardian”
  • Aviation industry is completely dominated by Angular JS, JetBlue, Air Arabia, and others.
  • Weather.com is on Angular, a leading weather reporting website.

And so on, there is big list of it.

Key skill of developers

  • Professional Typescript Expertise
  • Immense knowledge on HTML & CSS
  • Knowledge On SQL

What billing model suits your requirement?

Hourly Billing

One of the most demanded service for clients looking for maintenance and up-gradation basically for some small duration job.

Good for small projects. Get a Quote

Monthly Billing

Easy to go and saves you upto 40% of the cost, pay for all the resources on a monthly basis and get them to work on your format, just like a part of your team in another location.

Best for long projects. Get a Quote

Fixed Cost

High in demand, get the project analyzed and gets a free quote on your requirement, team works on pre-defined doc and you get the best.

Popular with mid time projects. Get a Quote

  • Hire Angular JS

  • Round the Clock

  • 100% ownership
    of Codes

  • 100% Confidential
    (Strict NDA Terms)

  • 100% Guaranteed

Save Upto 60% when compared to hiring an In-house Development team and get rid of issues like attrition and hiring challenges, hire a dedicated Node.js developer form India working on your project in just a day.

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