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Are you planning to have that Million Dollar App Idea turn into reality? You are at the right place.

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App has taken over the world of digital media, and has become the largest Digital product being used in this Era, and this fact has also attracted the businesses to setup their market place to have the maximum reach.

Gone are those days when people used desktop application, now it’s all Mobile, we can see some real good examples of Mobile App based businesses turning into a real billion dollar businesses, we can see some successful examples as, Uber like Apps, Tinder like Apps, Snapchat Like Apps, and many more, and we all know one thing that is common in all these businesses are, they were the early bird in the industry, and it’s not the different business it’s the business in a different way.

Solutions Offered by Our Mobile App Development Company

Researching on your business Idea is the most important step that your business would require, “having an Idea”, trust me, that’s one thing that you alone don’t have, it’s the execution and, this is whereone need to work hard on, We have mentioned few important things that you should have before approaching a Mobile App Development Company for designing and developing your business Idea.

Start from creating a list of competitors, the list should consist of Big, Mid-sized, and new startup companies, if you feel there is none, then look for the close one, may be directly not but have something similar, may be with a different product but have a similar style as yours, once the list is completed, make a doc of functions that these organizations have in their technology, list down every small and big functions, then collate the data and prepare a list of functions that your Mobile App Business would require, this will help you to make a benchmark.

Once the doc is prepared, think on what extra you would like to add to have a better user experience, something that the competitor company is missing on, may be picking some functions from one organization and some from another, add the functions that you would like to have and finalize the document, to be more précised, you can read articles related to “How to create a FRD”(functional related document), once this FRD is created you can have a clear picture of what you require.

Once the FRD is completed, start working on the flow, visualize how you would like to see your users flowing in the App, right from entering your App, to making a decision, raising concerns, communicating and other functions that you have decided for your App, a connection to all the functions. You should have a clear picture and command on how you want your users to flow while ensuring a great user experience. This is also called as creating a Wireframe, there is a huge importance of creating a wireframe for your App idea, this will help you have a clear picture on what you exactly want and when you will Hire an App development company you can explain them very well, there are a lot of tools for creating a Wireframe, you can use any of them.

This is the most crucial and important thing that one need to work on, creating an App would not be too economical at times, this can range from 2K to 200K (USD), this depends on the complexity of the App. What a majority of successful entrepreneurs do is create a propriety list, once the requirement doc is completed they divide the entire App flow in phases, you need to understand what all functions you may require in the initial launch, this will also help you to understand the market reviews, and accordingly you can make alteration in the plan in future, this will not only save you the cost, but also will help you to recognize what the demand is, moreover, if you are planning to raise funds for your App Idea, this will be the best move, you can show the progress and a clear road map to the investors on what the App is all about, how this will make money, and why you require funds, this will be a Strategical move, However, if you have a budget, it’s always advisable to be prepared in full swing before launch, what so ever, you need to plan it beforehand.

You are good at business, but when you are planning to launch a startup with technology as user value, you need to become a bit familiar to techy, well don’t worry, this will not be coding the stuff, however, recognizing the right thing for your business, there are several technology to choose from, every business is unique, and so is yours, so based on the business requirement, the technology should be decided, and the budget also plays a significant role, the higher the budget, the better performing technology can be opted, as high end technology can cost you fortune to maintain it too, still the performance does matter, however, as discussed, this can be done in phases again, once you start seeing your App Idea materializing, you can always upgrade.

This is the most important decision that you need to make, getting quotes is really important, however, you need to do some research on the proposals that you get from different agencies, there are several agencies doing stuffs at a very attractive low cost, however, there are too many side effects of hiring cheap App development companies, they start the development of your project, but will never close it, you would not only lose your money and efforts, but also you give them your million dollar business idea with all plan and homework that you have done.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is what will safe guard your App Idea, and Secret documents that you share with the technology partner, this will also have all the clause that will be required in the long run to ensure you get what you have been promised for, Agreements make reputed organizations work in a professional manner and respect what you have given them..

Domains before Launch Dates, This is also very important, you need to consider the cost of servers, domains, Android and IOS accounts, as these would be required at the time of launch date.

Well, all the mentioned above is just to organize your initial business setup, you can Hire a project managerwho would understand all the aspects of your business and would do all the research and prepare all the Business requirement document, as mentioned above.

We here at Vipra, offer an extensive support for your App Idea, we have a great in-house team, ready to take over your project right from today. We have Project Managers, Business Analyst, Awesome Graphic/UI/UX designers, Android App Developers, IOS app Developers, Backend and Frontend Developers, quality analyst, and a great after development support team to give your technology store a bit of extra care, so you can concentrate on your business and we can take care of your technology store.

Our Team here at Vipra has an amazing knowledge, long experience and solid passion for Apps, we have developed several Apps for almost all the industry, we are just a 4 year Young Agency, however the Avg. experience of our team member is almost 6 to 7 years, with more than 300 Apps worked on, we are well known for our economical solution, and this is also a reason, that we are a preferred destination for a lot of IT companies from across Globe to outsource their business to us. We have been awarded Best Mobile App Development Company 2017, and now we are aiming to become the Top Mobile App development company 2018.

If you have an App Idea, or if you would like to re deign or enhance your App, Vipra can be of Great help, check our work, we have helped a lot of business to achieve digital success, and stand strong in front of Giants of the industry.

What all we offer?

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Why Do You Choose Us?

At Vipra, the team that makes the apps is simply a group of highly experienced developers that are in love with creating apps.

Proper Technical and business document preparation and approvals, before initiating the project.

Best Customer support service in the market is provided by Vipra as to ensure customer satisfaction.

NDA and Other Agreements before project initiation.

We don’t do anything without knowing about it. All our team members have a comprehensive knowledge of various frameworks and mobile technologies.

We architect, design, and develop excellent feature-rich apps for all major operating systems like IPhone, Android and windows.

Services we provide are, delivered on time and are highly cost effective.

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