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FAQs about SEO

What does SEO stands for?

SEO stands for search engines optimization and has a major function of increasing the visibility of the website in the organic search results. When people search for brand, product or services online through different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, SEO helps in bringing the website as the first few links that people click on.

How are organic results different from paid results?

Organic results appear on search engines for free based on the algorithms whereas, inorganic or paid results appear at the side or on top of the page that have been paid for by the advertisers for different search engines.

What are Meta descriptions and how important are they?

Meta descriptions are the texts that appears below the page in a search engine result that gives the hint on what the page is all about. Started as a place to optimize the keywords now looks for something compelling that can get the crawlers to click on the page link for the conversion rates.

How are inbound links different from the internal ones?

Both being valuable for SEO, inbound links are the other websites that link to the content and internal links are the links on a page of a website are the links that goes on another link of the same website

How many internal links can go on each page of content?

It should be included to improve the reader’s experience and not just with the purpose of stuffing. Just like not stuffing the too many keywords in the content one should avoid stuffing links as well.

What is the right number of keywords to be used on a page?

One should just keep the reader in mind while writing the content and should refrain from unnecessary keyword stuffing. However, there is no arbitrary number of keywords to be used but there would get enough natural opportunities to use them while writing. Too much of keyword stuffing can lead to penalization as there is no such keyword density one should aim for.

Is knowing the code necessary to do SEO?

Understanding how to code for every element of search optimization is not necessary. However, there are certain other SEO tactics that one will need a basic understanding of code for

What does robots.txt do?

One can find the robots.txt page by going to domain/robots.txt and this page gives out search engine information about the pages a company wants indexed or crawled.

What does sitemap.xml file do?

Tis file being an index of all the pages on the site provides quick reference for search engines of content that one wants indexed.

How is crawling different from index?

Crawling refers to the search engines going through the content on the website and when they crawl they index the content to appear on the search engine. It depends on the search engines to pick up the content for indexing and all the content might not be indexed.

How to see what pages are indexed?

Just typing the website address i.e. can give out the pages on the site that are indexed. It is as simple as that.

Why is alt text required on the images?

As search engines cannot read images the alt text helps to figure out what is the image all about. It helps during the time when the page cannot load as people can figure out what the image it through the alt text.

    What is the time duration that is required to see the SEO results?

    Not one but different factors determine how quickly the results would come. The factors can include the below mentioned points but cannot just depend wholly on them:

  • Quality of the content generated
  • How much content is being generated
  • Big or small website with weak or strong domain authority
  • Popularity of the content with the audience

If search engines are crawling the site regularly they can see the results in couple of days for a large site. However, smaller sites get crawled less frequently so would take time to get the results. It is advised to wait at least a week or a month before one decides to change the SEO strategy.

Is hiring an SEO company necessary for site growth?

It all depends on how the company or the one hired knows SEO. It could be only helpful to hire internally or externally to do the SEO if one knows the modern rules of SEO.

Is there a good goal that could work for SEO?

Instead of focusing on the number of visitors getting attracted to the website one should focus on the quality of visitors that is coming. Analyzing the kind of traffic that is coming and the overall marketing should be the goal for improvising he results accordingly.

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