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Do you know Search Engine traffic is the most reliable and effective traffic for your website?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and an important thread of Digital marketing. Optimizing a website in a way that it appears higher on several search engines is what a SEO is all about. There are numerous methods of getting online traffic to a website, however getting traffic through search engines have been the most promising way to get traffic, as the users have searched for a particular keyword or key phrases and then lands on a website. We all know this is a competitive world where we have a lot of people or groups working on getting traffic on their websites to promote their business and get monetary or other kind of benefits, so it is essential for almost every business fields to get updated as per the new technology trend.
Remember if you won’t be there when your client looked for your services someone else will be there and gradually you might be left way behind. If you think your business is doing well, please be informed, if you are not on top of search engines you are losing almost on an average of 65% of your customers. So now one can imagine how much you would grow in your business with having Best SEO Techniques.

How to Plan Your SEO Strategy?

Every business is Unique in Nature and requires a unique strategy; we have mentioned few steps that if followed will be a professional approach for better results.

About the Business

A deep study on the business category is required, understanding category will also help in determining if the business requires SEO Services or not, and accordingly the strategy can be planned.


Market Analysis

A through homework is required on this section, determining your immediate and passive competitors is really important, a benchmark is created and a goal is set which eventually becomes a target for the SEO Executive to achieve.


Audience Recognition

Understanding the Buyers persona is really important, we need to recognize who are the user-base that needs to be targeted, and where these user-base are from, the location. Identifying them will help in recognizing the habit of these users and accordingly the Best SEO techniques can be implemented.


Keywords Selection

This is the most important part of your SEO Strategy; keywords are the phrases that are searched by the buyer’s persona or the user-base on the search engine to search the results that they are looking for. Understanding the behavior of this search trend and making a list of all the key phrases is most important part in preparing the SEO Strategy.

On Page

In this phase, the website is analyzed on few factors, such as mapping the keywords as per the page, creating description for search engines, Getting the codes of the website analyzed, all in all evaluating factors which are within the website. So list is prepared on what all changes are required, with a detailed report of the current situation.


Off Page

In this phase, good links to the other website resources are created, which gives popularity to the website and along with that gives a strong support of backlinks. This is the area where an SEO expert needs to work majorly on, as this needs to be done very effectively and carefully. So a list of good websites is created where we would post contents embedded with links of the website being promoted, and list of other activities that needs to be performed, so when an executive starts working he is aware where he has to create the back links and what all activity he has to do.


Budget Estimation

Once you know all the above you will have a clear understanding on what needs to be done, so accordingly you can prepare a work sheet which can be measured in hours on how much work and efforts need to be put in to achieve the target backlinks and to perform all the off page and on page activities, and accordingly you can prepare the required hours for your project, please understand having a part time on this will give part time results, so to have full fledge results, please have full time work on your project.

As now we know how this works, let us give you a bit more of it.

There are No Hats, as you might have heard of Black Hat, White Hat or Grey Hat, it’s just an ethical way with a strong strategy that works best for the business is what is required, Search engines are far smarter than anyone to recognize if any un-ethical process was introduced to enhance the rankings, so this is also an important strategy to not involve in any wrong ways.

It is advised to use ethical way to get a ranking as that stays longer than other process.

Why you should outsource your SEO Services to an Agency.

As mentioned here the strategy is straight forward and we are sure you can have this done in-house, however, your business deserves the first attention when we talk about the operations, servicing your clients, finance, admin and other important sections of your business. Marketing is also an important part; however, having it in-house may divert your attention, and this might affect your productivity, moreover, this will not be considered as cost effective, you will need to have a team, the team would consist of a Senior executive, Junior Executive, a content writer and a designer, salary and an office space plus other cost that needs to be maintained for the employees, and top of that if employee leaves all of sudden, the work stops till the time you don’t find replacement, this all becomes Hassel at times and affects the overall productivity of your organization. By Outsourcing you can save a lot on all these, like designers if you don’t need a full time you can have someone worked from the agency when you require, you can have a Sr. resource to over view in part time if you want to save more on that, and can have a part time content writer if it’s not required to have a fulltime, and full time Jr. Resourcesas required, don’t worry for attrition, don’t worry for any commitments, if you don’t see performance, change the Agency, It’s as simple.

How SEO services in India is the best option

India is the IT hub of the world; here Cheap search engine optimization services are available, major locations for best SEO services in Delhi, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai (Bombay) and other major cities are available. Most of the services of Search Engine Optimization have been outsourced here; a majority of time, projects given to local agencies is also forwarded to their alliances in India to save on the Cost as here in India it’s easy to find Cheap SEO Packages. . One can hire a Digital marketing agency at a lower cost compared to other countries, and the major reason is the lower labor cost and high end resource. A SEO service in India isthe most economical option that a small and mid-sized business owner can opt for.

Why Do You Choose Us?

Vipra Business is a renowned Digital Media Services Provider, we have business consultants in-house and we provide services right from creation to promotion.

Proper Technical and business document preparation and approvals, before initiating the project.

Vipra Business is a renowned Digital Media Services Provider, we have business consultants in-house and we provide services right from creation to promotion.

Our Digital Marketer are not only trained on Search engine optimization, but also on the updated technology, so any website that we work we keep in mind the algorithm of Google and other search engines, as most of the Marketers miss on that.

We have clients from across Globe so this means our service team works 24/7, so be it night Sunday or new-year eve, we are available and for support we offer Chat, Phone and email support.

Ownership of Links, Contents and Data remains with you, a complete copyright of all that was used for your promotion will be all yours.

We work under strict policy of Non-disclosure, we can even get a NDA signed for your project, and so till the time the project is assigned to us, the project details are limited to only responsible team members. So you don’t need to worry on your business plan.

Vipra is equipped with latest tools and technology along with experienced and creative team to assure the perfect SEO service for your business.We cater almost all the countries of the Globe, and we are equipped to work on different regional language.You will be kept updated about the progress; we have a great technique to share progress reports which along with ranking ROI on your investment is also shared. A dedicated project manager and a team which would be working on the project and you would have the access to speak to them directly if they require.We give dedicated resources for the projects that we work on, and not just few hours in weeks, we just not make promises we deliver them. We strongly believe trying would not help, a promise to deliver results would help.
We serve the best SEO services in USA, India UK, UAE, and rest of the world. We share a complete strategy along with the dedicated Hours that will be given to the project with the clients. Clients Satisfaction is the most important object that we need.
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